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Basic Content


In the Download page, we provide the research community with:
A download link to get access to noisy labels in CIFAR-N;
A starter code (in Pytorch) to train CIFAR-N with CE loss.


In the Observations page, we share our major observations on CIFAR-N, the real-world human annotated noisy labels.


We welcome researchers to share their method performances on CIFAR-N, and contribute to an abundant leaderboard.


Researchers who contribute to CIFAR-N or the leaderboard.

Noise levels of CIFAR-N

Label Set CIFAR-10N
CIFAR-10N Random 1
CIFAR-10N Random 2 CIFAR-10N Random 3 CIFAR-10N Worst CIFAR-100N Coarse CIFAR-100N Fine
Noise Rate 9.03% 17.23% 18.12% 17.64% 40.21% 25.60% 40.20%


If you use this dataset of our reproduced results, please cite:

Learning with Noisy Labels Revisited: A Study Using Real-World Human Annotations.

Jiaheng Wei*, Zhaowei Zhu*, Hao Cheng, Tongliang Liu, Gang Niu, and Yang Liu. (*: equal contributions)

The BibTex infomation is detached as: 
title={Learning with Noisy Labels Revisited: A Study Using Real-World Human Annotations},
author={Jiaheng Wei and Zhaowei Zhu and Hao Cheng and Tongliang Liu and Gang Niu and Yang Liu},
booktitle={International Conference on Learning Representations},


Please contact us via {yangliu, jiahengwei, zwzhu, haocheng}, if you have any concerns regarding this dataset.